Jewellery that will pass any test

Jewellery that will pass any test

Jewellery that will pass any test
Plenty of people these days check the ingredients in everything from food and drink to make-up and skin creams. They want to know what they’re eating and applying to their skin, but also how different substances affect the body. Until now jewellery hasn’t been subjected to the same scrutiny, but interest in this area is growing. It’s something that we at Blomdahl regard as an exciting development, as it’s just as important for our health and wellbeing. Here’s a brief introduction to jewellery for those who cares about what they wear every day.

All manner of materials can be used to produce jewellery. Fabric, leather, rubber, pearls, bones and feathers – when it comes to adorning the body, the human imagination is boundless. In spite of that, the most common material used in jewellery is still metal. Unfortunately a lot of metals contain substances that aren’t always good for humans or our skin. The EU has regulations covering this, which govern, among other things, the permitted rate of nickel release from a piece of jewellery.

Did you know that…
…an allergy can develop at any age? The greater the exposure to a substance, the greater the risk of being affected.

Nickel allergy is by far the most common contact allergy, but what you might not know is that 10% of all people are allergic to gold. All metals contain nickel to some degree, although it may only be minute amounts. The term ‘nickel-free’ is therefore a little misleading.
Here at Blomdahl it has always been our policy to produce earrings using medical grade titanium or medical grade plastic. There is none or so little nickel in our jewellery that the nickel content is, in essence, zero. This means that you cannot develop a nickel allergy from wearing our jewellery, and that someone who already has a nickel allergy can wear jewellery from Blomdahl.

Did you know that…
…nickel leaches out more quickly in damp environments? An earring in close contact with the skin is exposed to more moisture than, for example, a necklace or bracelet that is worn loosely.

Blomdahl’s necklaces, bracelets and anklets are produced using high-quality stainless steel. We then apply a beautiful but durable coating that gives the piece its gold or silver colour, but which also encapsulates the nickel present in the steel. This coating is unique to Blomdahl and has been developed in consultation with dermatologists. 

Did you know that…
…to guarantee the quality of materials that we use in our jewellery, the material is X-rayed and each piece of jewellery is inspected multiple times during production?

Read about the evolutioin of Tiffany - from crude titanium rod to a sparkle in your earlobe.
One of Blomdahl’s most popular styles comes from the Tiffany range. It is a classic piece of jewellery featuring a stone or pearl mounted in the characteristic claw setting. Tiffany is available in several designs, including necklaces and rings, but by far the most popular item is earrings.
Here you can see all the stages that a pair of Tiffany earrings with gold coating goes through before gracing your jewellery box or becoming a beautiful gift.

1: The raw material, medical grade titanium, is delivered as long rods to our production site in Halmstad, Sweden. Each delivery is accompanied by a certificate that guarantees the content. In addition, we X-ray the titanium to be 100% certain that its purity matches that stated on the certificate.
2: The titanium is first shaped into the characteristic Tiffany style.
3: We then polish the piece of jewellery to ensure an elegant finish and make it comfortable to wear. 
4: The Tiffany earring now receives its beautiful gold coating. Samples from each batch are subjected to rigorous treatment to ensure the coating has adhered correctly.

5: It’s time for Tiffany to get its sparkling stone or pearl, which is set by hand. The piece is checked again to ensure that all elements are correct.
6: A visual inspection is also carried out before the piece is put into its hygienic jewellery packaging, known as Clean pack. In other words, we look carefully to check that everything is as it should be.
7: The earrings are now sealed in their Clean pack using a special label. The unbroken seal is your guarantee that no one else has tried your Tiffany earrings before you. The packaging is also labelled with a code that enables us to trace the exact batch of material used in production.
The piece is now ready to be sent to your local stockist, or direct to your home if you order through our online store at

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