Blomdahl – past, present and future

Blomdahl – past, present and future

Blomdahl – past, present and future

The jewellery brand that has always focused on caring for skin

Blomdahl was founded in 1985 with one clear purpose: anyone wanting to have their ears pierced or to wear jewellery, should not have to risk their health for the sake of beauty.

Since the company was first set up in Halmstad almost 40 years ago we have held fast to our original concept: producing skin friendly, comfortable and stylish jewellery that can be worn as often and for as long as you like, without affecting your skin.

With many years of experience in the jewellery industry, we continue to manufacture our piercing products and jewellery in Sweden, with the same care and dedication as from the very start. Consideration for those creating our jewellery, for those who wear it and for the world we live in, is a constant throughout our operations. Perhaps you chose our products for that very reason: that we keep our promises. That we don’t challenge the skin, but adapt to it. We call our jewellery philosophy skin conscious – consideration for the skin.

We continue to forge our own path in the world of jewellery

At Blomdahl we believe that everyone should be able to wear jewellery every day, even those with a nickel allergy. Consequently, we make more effort than most and take extra care over details that make a big difference. From materials that are kind to your skin, to responsible production, and enduring quality for the life you want to live. We are meticulous in what we do, so that everyone, even those with particularly sensitive skin, can wear jewellery from Blomdahl.

In order to live up to our promises, we are systematic and precise in our production activities in Halmstad, aided by our medical device quality system ISO 13485. This means that we can guarantee that our piercing products are sterile and safe for anyone wanting to have their ears or nose pierced. When it comes to our jewellery, you can be confident that we have complete control and can ensure traceability for all the materials we use, which guarantees that every single piece of jewellery produced, is kind to your skin.

We also maintain complete control of the manufacturing process from start to finish – from design sketch to the finished piece. It all starts in our design department in Halmstad, where ideas take shape, materials are selected and samples are produced and carefully tested. Once the design committee has made the decision to launch a new jewellery product, it goes into production and we follow the entire process from manufacturing to finished piece. We check and document every stage in order to guarantee quality jewellery that is both comfortable and kind to your skin, so that you can wear it with confidence every day.
Through extensive experience of skin friendly jewellery production, we have accumulated valuable knowledge about both skin and health. Over the years, we have worked with dermatologists to understand what is best for the skin and what is not. Naturally we always choose what is best for you and your skin, while ensuring stylish designs for our jewellery.
Collaboration with our dermatologists is an essential part of our continuing efforts to keep abreast of the most skin friendly materials. Their research and knowledge are hugely valuable when it comes to creating jewellery that is kind to the skin.

Skin friendly jewellery today and tomorrow

Unfortunately, the nickel allergy issue looks set to remain a challenge for the future. Did you know that roughly 30 million people suffer from nickel allergy in Europe alone? Despite regulations and restrictions from the EU regarding nickel in jewellery, nickel allergy continues to be a significant health problem, caused in large part by wearing jewellery.

Blomdahl was founded back in 1985 as a solution to this widespread problem. What continues to inspire us in our work is the positive response from people who can now wear jewellery again after many years.
Another motivating factor is the potential to constantly improve, develop and learn new things. Other challenges we currently face, like so many others, involve minimising our environmental impact. We continuously work to find smarter ways to manufacture and to improve our recycling methods. Through actions such as reducing energy consumption, optimising transport and cutting down on packaging material, we are doing our best to also be kind to the environment.
Did you know that Blomdahl has a presence in over 30 countries? Since nickel allergy is a challenge for jewellery-wearers worldwide, we have supplied our piercing products and jewellery to customers throughout the world right from the start. Our team here in Halmstad now numbers around 50 dedicated employees, and we include our sales office in Denmark in that figure. Our distributors around the world represent us on local markets in order to offer the best possible service. Even though new jewellery designs are constantly taking shape, our day-to-day focus, just as it was at the start, remains creating the safest of products for medical piercing and skin conscious jewellery. The aim is for you to always feel both stylish and confident, now and in the future.

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