Do you like
beautiful jewellery?

So do we. We also think that you should be able to wear it without having to worry about nickel, cadmium, lead or any other inappropriate materials. And that your children or grandchildren should be able to do the same. That is why Blomdahl's ear piercing method and jewellery exists, a safer way to look good every day. For you, with care.

what do you wear every day?

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Do you have children that long to have their ears pierced?

No matter how keen they might be to begin with, it is not unusual that children hesitate after the first ear has been pierced. For this reason, we have developed medical simultaneous ear piercing, which means that both ears are pierced at the same time. This method is faster, feels safer and is more comfortable for the child.


Both ears at the same time - fast and simple

1. Mark
2. Disinfect
Simultaneous ear piercing
3. Simultaneous ear piercing
Satisfied and happy
4. Satisfied and happy
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We always put
the medical aspects first

We know you want to be able to have you ears or nose pierced and wear jewellery in order to express your personality and to look good.
Our task is to make sure you can do this safely, without compromising your skin and your health. Therefore we always put the medical aspects first.

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Sterile · Hygienic · Safe

Our skin friendly ear and nose piercing jewellery is developed in consultation with skin specialists and is suitable for everyone, even if you already have an allergy. Blomdahl medical piercing is carried out using sterile disposable products. The method is developed entirely upon what is known as "modern aseptic techique" within the health care industry.

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