Skin friendly gifts

Skin friendly gifts

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Skin friendly jewellery news for men!

Skin friendly jewellery news for men!

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Feel good with Feelgood jewellery

This is jewellery that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of you. And when you know it’s also fairly produced, with hypoallergenic materials, in a way that makes it last to be loved, then it becomes Feelgood jewellery.
The jewellery a person wears often enhances their personality. So, we hope that when you put on your favourite piece, it will feel good on every level: mind, body and soul.

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Ear or nose piercing

If your child is having their ears pierced for the first time, or if you want to have your nose pierced, Blomdahl is the obvious choice. Medical piercing is quick and simple, and with our unique method, it is also hygienic and safe.

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Jewellery you'll want to wear all the time - and so kind to your skin that you can. Loving care that you can see, and feel.

Feelgood Jewellery

Feelgood Jewellery

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Jewellery that will pass any test

Did you know that our jewellery is designed and made in Halmstad, Sweden? And that we X-ray all the material? We do it to make sure you are safe from any harmful substances.

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Hypoallergenic jewellery that is kind to your skin

Blomdahl manufactures stylish, hypoallergenic jewellery for adults and children. We are also the innovator and market leader for medical piercing and have developed a unique, quick and safe method for ear and nose piercing. Blomdahl’s jewellery is manufactured in nickel free materials, with beautiful, classic and unique designs that are comfortable to wear every day. Find your favourites for each day of the week.