Take care of your jewellery

Blomdahl’s jewellery has been manufactured for everyday use and to love for a long time. Here are some easy tips to help ensure that your favourite jewellery will last even longer.

Take care of your jewellery

Take care of your jewellery

Some tips for easy jewellery care

• Remember to handle your skin friendly jewellery with care, so that it stays beautiful for a long time. We suggest that you keep it in the Clean Pack or a jewellery box when you aren’t wearing it.

• Avoid getting makeup, hair products, alcohol or other chemicals on your jewellery.

• Take off your rings when you do things like exercise, housework, gardening, etc.
You are the first person to touch your new jewellery from Blomdahl. Our earrings and nose jewellery are delivered in a Clean Pack, which ensures that it stays hygienic from the point when it has been completely manufactured until you open the packaging. The label also serves as a seal.

• Regularly clean your jewellery using a colourless soap and water. That way, it will keep its lustre. For earrings in medical plastic, it also means that the earring backs will sit better.

• In general, earrings in medical plastic are durable. However, the posts, hooks and pendants are soft, so they need to be handled with care.

• In order to make the titanium earring backs tighter and therefore more secure, press the loops of the earring back slightly together before use.

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