News autumn 2023

Inspiration from the autumn news 2023!

Inspiration from the autumn news 2023!
Jewellery news from Blomdahl!
A new season of impression and influences. What can be more suitable than inspiration from our newest collection of skin friendly jewellery?
This autumn collection is characterized by the colours of black, deep green and classic white crystal stones, elegant golden bracelets and necklaces and sober silvery jewellery. And once again, we have expanded the collection of skin friendly jewellery news for men! Our newest earrings for children have shimmering and colourful stones, and as always, nickel-free materials, the best choice for children.
We have a distinct design philosophy to adhere to, the jewellery must always be kind to skin – in other words, it must be possible to produce the designs in the materials we use. These materials are selected to guarantee that our jewellery is skin friendly and comfortable to wear. 

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