Timeless design equals sustainable jewellery

Timeless design equals sustainable jewellery

Timeless design equals sustainable jewellery

How do we reconcile ever-changing trends and fashions in the jewellery world with the aim of consuming less, while also safeguarding quality? Blomdahl takes a long-term approach, based on sustainable thinking, without compromising on feel or style.

Lina Nyström is head of purchasing and development at Blomdahl and drives the creative work of devising new designs and collections. New products are launched every spring and autumn, which may be updated classics or brand new, contemporary designs.
The aim is also to ensure that newly launched pieces combine elegantly with our existing range. Spring jewellery featuring bright colours can inject a playful sense of energy, while in autumn many people opt for a more muted colour palette, focusing perhaps on just one shade. A few well-loved classics provide an excellent basic look for mixing and matching with new favourites. All to suit individual personal taste.
“We are basically aiming to marry stylish favourites with new influences. Any combination can work, just go with what feels right,” says Lina.

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources

Day-to-day design work takes place alongside all Blomdahl’s other activities, at its head office in the heart of Halmstad. The design department also conducts more systematic research. They monitor general trends and styles to determine which will stand the test of time.
“Inspiration can come from a variety of sources and at any time, after all you can’t switch off your subconscious,” says Lina. “Shapes and colours are everywhere, and ideas can sometimes come from the most unexpected quarters.”
“We are often inspired by fashion in our work, which is hardly surprising, since jewellery is frequently an important element of styling. One of our most recent products ‘V’ is a prime example of this. It has a clear link to some of the more long-lasting silhouettes that have been around for a while in the fashion industry,” she says.

A distinct design philosophy

Determining which ideas will be turned into new designs is down to a group known as the product committee, made up of representatives from the design, marketing and sales departments, along with Blomdahl’s CEO, Nina Andersson.
“We look at the sketches Lina has come up with and provide feedback. Discussions around the design table can get quite animated, but it generally always works out well,” says Nina.
Blomdahl in fact has a distinct design philosophy to adhere to, with no exceptions allowed.
The jewellery must always be kind to skin – in other words, it must be possible to produce the designs in the materials Blomdahl uses. These materials are selected to guarantee that our jewellery is skin-friendly and also comfortable to wear. 
The jewellery must also have a stylish and timeless design – it’s about being open to trends in the right way. It should feel contemporary, but not be a fad that vanishes after a few months.
“We aim to offer jewellery that can be worn regularly and loved for a long time to come, something that feels good deep down,” concludes Lina.
Why not check out Lina’s favourite pieces that she’ll be wearing for this coming season, and find your own inspiration?

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