Blomdahl designs and manufactures classic, skin friendly jewellery and medical instruments for piercing the nose or ears.

About us

About us

Jewellery made and designed with loving care

Blomdahl was founded in 1985 in Halmstad, Sweden, and was developed further by two entrepreneurial and dedicated fathers. They cared about safety and were convinced that it had to be possible to pierce ears in a more hygienic way than what was available at the time. With backgrounds in medical technology and the health care system as a role model, they developed a sterile method to protect against contagion and infections. One topic that was high on the agenda at the time was nickel allergy. So, besides designing really beautiful jewellery, they also wanted to make them nickel free and free from other harmful substances.

Caring jewellery is still our passion

Blomdahl is currently established in more than 30 countries around the world and we’re still growing. Our head office is still located in Halmstad, Sweden, where we have more than 50 dedicated employees. We are continuously developing our designs so that even more people will be able to find their personal favourites. In terms of craftsmanship, our manufacturing is top notch. Product development for safe, hypoallergenic jewellery is a constant process and we never compromise on safety for everyone who has extra sensitive skin. More and more are discovering our stylish, modern jewellery where there is something for everyone who loves gorgeous, comfortable jewellery of the highest quality.

Head office

Olofsdalsvägen 45
302 41 Halmstad


phone: +46 (0)35-18 15 00

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