Here we create jewellery that makes you feel good

Here we create jewellery that makes you feel good

Here we create jewellery that makes you feel good

At our production facilities in Halmstad, we work with your best interests at heart, all day, every day. Here, we create jewellery that you’ll want to wear all the time and which is so kind to your skin that you can.

A special medical method is used by Blomdahl’s ear and nose piercing consultants that inserts sterile, skin friendly piercing jewellery. To guarantee the safety and reliability of this method, the jewellery used has to be sterile. And for the piercing jewellery to be sterile, it first has to be very, very clean. That is why all production of ear and nose piercing jewellery takes place in a so-called clean room. Here, the elimination of particles and microorganisms, i.e. dirt that is invisible to the naked eye, is always our top priority.

A never ending hunt for invisible dirt

Working in a clean room carries a lot of responsibility and demands a great deal of commitment, with special procedures that have to be followed at all times. To access the clean room, for example, you have to pass through a purpose-built changing room, where employees change into special protective clothing. Hands are washed and disinfected. Hairnets, special clean room socks and antistatic footwear are also worn. Once in the clean room, staff are not allowed to use tobacco products, chew gum or eat. As particles can be present on jweellery, this cannot be worn either. The same goes for make-up hair accessories, false nails, lash extensions and watches. All to minimise the number of particles in the air and the number of microorganisms on surfaces, thereby ensuring that the end product is as clean as possible.
In addition to hygiene procedures for the people who work in the clean room, the room itself is also cleaned, with specific daily, weekly and monthly schedules to be followed. Four times a year, a deep clean is carried out, with subsequent independent testing of the number of particles and microorganisms present on all surfaces.

But our efforts don’t stop there

We also maintain a constant positive air pressure in the clean room. This means that the air in the room is forced out, which prevents dirty air from getting in. An uninterrupted flow of new, clean air is supplied to the room through high efficiency filters, ensuring continued replacement of air. You could say that everything in a clean room is designed to keep the air as ‘empty’ or as clean as possible.
Once the piercing jewellery has been packaged and checked in the clean room, it is sterilised and is ready to be worn.
Now you know a little bit more about how our skin friendly piercing jewellery is produced, and you can feel confident choosing Blomdahl when you or your child wants an ear piercing in the future.

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