Choosing jewellery from Blomdahl is all about loving care, in every way. To yourself, others and for a more sustainable future.

Caring jewellery

Caring jewellery

Jewellery that makes you feel good

Blomdahl cares about helping everyone feel beautiful, every day. That’s why we always go the extra mile and pay special attention to details. It applies to everything – from the materials we choose, to our production and the level of quality that is in line with the life you want to live. We design with love and care and are so selective in our choices that everyone, even you with skin that needs extra care, can wear jewellery from Blomdahl. The only things you need to consider is what you think is beautiful and what you like the most. Because, you can be sure that we’ve already thought about everything else. It’s “loving care you can wear”, every day of the week and for all your special occasions.

Timeless design makes your jewellery sustainable

Timeless design keeps the pace, even as trends change. Blomdahl’s jewellery has been designed to match your unique personality. We have classic pieces and more modern ones, as well as playful designs for adults and children alike. It gives your jewellery a longer life and you can be sure that it will last as long as you choose to love it.

Swedish quality

Blomdahl’s jewellery has been designed with a great deal of love and care at our factory in Halmstad, Sweden, where we have been making jewellery since 1985. All of our jewellery is carefully checked and inspected for quality multiple times. So, you can be sure it passes the test that your active life demands. When it comes to quality, we have gone that extra mile, considering the details that make such a big difference. It’s quality you can count on.

Carefully chosen - and carefully ruled out

We manufacture our earrings, nose jewellery and rings in either medical grade titanium or medical grade plastic. We do this to ensure that the materials are free of harmful substances that could irritate your skin.
Our special coatings in silver and gold colours have been specially designed in consultation with skin specialists. But, because this jewellery is frequently worn close to the skin, we make sure that the material that is always in direct contact with the skin has been manufactured in pure, medical grade materials.

Our necklaces and bracelets have been designed in high quality stainless steel, and with that gold or silver look you’re after. The skin friendly coating we use covers the entire piece of jewellery. The coating has been specially developed in consultation with skin specialists to make the jewellery even safer for your skin.

A passion for kind jewellery

Ever since Blomdahl was founded in 1985, we have designed our jewellery with loving care. Here, you can read more about how it all started and our thoughts, plans and ideas for the future.

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Take care of your jewellery

Blomdahl’s jewellery has been manufactured for everyday use and to love for a long time. Here are some easy tips to help ensure that your favourite jewellery will last even longer.

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