Meet the classics that last to be loved

Meet the classics that last to be loved

Meet the classics that last to be loved
Trends come and go, but there are also timeless designs that never become dated and have been loved for decades. Style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly sparkled on the silver screen wearing classic pieces of jewellery. That timeless style has since inspired everyone from the film stars and artistes of today to influencers and fashionistas the world over.
It has always been Blomdahl’s ambition to create jewellery that becomes a favourite piece that fits effortlessly into your life. This means not only that the jewellery is so kind to your skin that you can wear it every day, but also that it can be worn on any occasion because of its timeless design. Such pieces are also sustainable. You always have something to wear that makes you feel stylish and ‘right’, instead of having to buy new each time. Together, we are helping our planet by counteracting the impact that fast-fashion jewellery has on it.
It all began in 1985, when Blomdahl only made jewellery for piercing ears. The focus was on ensuring that the method used to pierce ears was both safe and hygienic, with medical grade plastic being deemed the ideal material.
Gradually we realised that people with sensitive skin had very little choice when it came to hypoallergenic jewellery, which led Blomdahl to launch its first ‘ordinary’ earring styles.
The styles MP 4 mm, Bezel, Ball and Tiffany in pure medical grade titanium were introduced in 1998.

First and most popular – MP 4 mm

Many people, having had their ears pierced, wanted to continue wearing the same earrings after the piercings had healed. That’s how our bestseller came into being. ‘The MP4’ is our most popular earring ever. The name may be reminiscent of a music file, but it is in fact a round earring in medical grade plastic, set with stones of various colours. However, the one set with clear crystal is – and has always been – our bestseller year after year, and that includes internationally.

Bezel – small but mighty

To begin with, the small sparkling stone was only available in small sizes, 3 and 4 millimetres, which meant that when we introduced our 5-millimetre stone, many customers thought it enormous! Still, tastes have changed – back and forth – and now it’s also possible to get Bezel in up to 8 millimetres.

Tiffany – a classic in many guises

Our Tiffany earrings with their characteristic claw setting and a sparkling stone or pearl are available in a range of colours and sizes, with the popularity of styles fluctuating over the years. Jewellery trends come and go, and while the shape has remained the same, sizes and colours have varied widely. We have had everything from 3 millimetres up to 9 millimetres, and Tiffany is now produced with both a gold-coloured and silver-coloured coating. The Tiffany range was expanded in 2016 to include necklaces and rings too.
“Classic jewellery enhances your everyday look and adds the finishing touch to your outfit. Quite simply, always right.”

Pearl – an instant hit

A single pearl is a timeless classic that never goes out of style and works with any outfit. Our white pearl has always proved the most popular choice. Now available in six different sizes, with 6 and 8 millimetres being bestsellers.

Ball – Pearl’s discreet sibling

Ball, which is a titanium ball available in the colours gold, silver and black, is not quite as popular as Pearl, its big sister with a shimmering pearl, but still sells in large numbers. We can easily see why. A versatile option that complements a great many styles of dress and personalities, thanks to its discreet, minimalist design.

Nothing beats a pale pink heart

The heart is one of those symbols that children of every generation have loved, and will probably always love. Our pale pink, or more accurately light rose, heart in medical grade plastic was launched in 2009 and its popularity has never waned. Children are often more interested in classic shapes, such as hearts, stars and flowers, than adults.
“Elegant gold, shimmering silver and sparkling stones. At Blomdahl you’ll find timeless jewellery that you’ll want to wear all the time – jewellery so kind to your skin that you can.”

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